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Bee Morrison

Curious by nature, I'm an attentive listener who loves to learn from others and form authentic intimate connections.  I feel most at home in the realm of the senses. Soft linens, exquisite meals, your breath on my neck...


I’m Bee, a vivacious and intelligent woman with the elegance of Montréal mixed with the tranquillity of the west coast. I’m working on my Ph. D. in political science so, as you might guess, I enjoy stimulating conversations about politics, art and philosophy as well as simply swapping fun stories about our lives. I’ve been told my warmth, empathy and open mind are highly appreciated, almost as much as my genuine smile and my sparking blue eyes...

My first language is French but I speak English fluently, having spent years living in English-speaking cities. I have a good sense of humour and my easy, contagious laugh makes me the perfect audience for fun stories! I am well-traveled and have lived in several continents which has made me adaptable to all kinds of situations and environments. I have a thirst for new experiences and I thrive when trying new things.


Though I thoroughly enjoy the simple pleasures of life, I also consider myself an epicurean who appreciates fine gastronomy along with a well-aged bottle of wine. I have a diverse taste in music and art in general. While I’m by no means an art expert, I have a good knowledge of and passion for the impressionist painters (Monet is my favourite!). While I enjoy fine dining or a cozy evening en tête à tête, I also love outdoor activities such as playing golf, skiing and playing tennis. My warmth and kindness is also reflected in the most intimate of moments; I revel in the experience of giving pleasure to my partner. Passionately sharing mutual pleasure is deeply natural to me. So now you might be imagining what fun we could have together. Perhaps a short escape from your daily routine or to creating memories together on an unforgettable vacation. I can’t wait to see where things take us...


P.-S. Women, role play lovers and/or subs, you are welcome!

Bee Moirrison
Bee Morrison



Early 30's



Body type

Fit and curvy



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